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  Required    Candidate
  Chair   Stephen Gabbert
  Secretary   Nicole Boney-Sharpe
  Treasurer   Roy Duff
  Auditing Chair   Tom Gallagher
  Membership Chair   Vivian Vidal Otero
  Nominating Committee Chair   Tom Gallagher
  Vice Chair   Bill Forthofer
  Arrangements Chair   Keith Modor
  Awards Chair   Richard Ott
  Education Chair   Mark Roy
  Programs Chair   Dennis Gareau
  Publicity Chair   OPEN


Above is the current slate of Leadership Team members, as identified by the ASQ Section 0103 Executive Board. If you are interested in nominating someone additional for a FY 2020 position, please submit their name on a petition signed by (10) active ASQ members, addressed to secretary@asqhartford.org by November 1, 2019.


ASQ 0103 Nominating Committee Chair

audit@asqhartford.org or Silverchevy2002@gmail.com